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You're not alone...this stuff is not obvious!



Windows, All Versions

Candidate list, PRC/Sing IME
Candidate list, TW/HK/MA
Candidate size, TW/HK/MA
Boxes, ??? in apps/websites
Cantonese & Unicode setup
Wubi Zixing input method
Double Pinyin vs. Full Pinyin

Windows 10, 8.0, & 8.1
Missing/Broken Features

Win 10 Help in English
Win10 missing/broken/lame
Win10 Cantonese CPIME
Win8 missing/broken/lame
Win8 Simplified in TW/HK/MA

Windows 7, Vista, & XP

Win 7/Vista Help in English
2010 IME update: PRC/Sing
• (Archived: 2007 IME update)
2010 IME update: TW/HK/MA
• (Archived: 2003 IME update)

General Questions

How to type "ü" with umlaut
Classical char. fonts, input
Website fonts, charsets

Microsoft Office

Finding the Phonetic Guide
Phonetic Guide not working
Phonetic Guide Zhuyin/Pinyin
Language Packs & Proofing
File "missing" for TC/SC t9n
Sorting Chinese in MS Office

Microsoft Outlook

Chinese display: ???, boxes
Import contacts from Gmail


Ubuntu 17.10 IBus vs. fcitx
Ubuntu 14 Chinese bugs
Ubuntu 13.10 Chinese bugs
Installing m17n input

• See also General Questions


Chinese not on phone/tablet
Chinese SMS on Samsung
Double Pinyin vs. Full Pinyin

Pinyin Macros

Troubleshooting: error messages, fonts, security, formulas, compatibility
Other questions: tone mark placement rules, the neutral tone, and developer notes



The Chinese Lexicon:A Comprehensive Survey

The Chinese Lexicon: A Comprehensive Survey
Yip Po-Ching Amazon

Chinese: A Comprehensive Grammar (Routledge Comprehensive Grammars)

A Comprehensive Grammar
Yip Po-Ching Amazon

Cantonese: A Comprehensive Grammar (Routledge Comprehensive Grammars)

A Comprehensive Grammar,
Matthews & V. Yip Amazon

Fonts and Encodings - book

Fonts & Encodings
Yannis Haralambous Amazon

CJKV Information Processing 2nd Edition Dec 2008

CJKV Information Processing: Chinese, Japanese, Korean & Vietnamese Computing
Ken Lunde Amazon

Unicode Explained - book

Unicode Explained
Jukka K. Korpela Amazon


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