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FAQ: "U" with Diaresis (Umlaut, Ü & ü)

in Pinyin input, Pinyin macros, Windows/Linux applications & HTML

How do I type the letter "ü" ("u" with an umlaut, the two dots above the letter)?


Even if you don't have a German, Hungarian or other keyboard that includes this letter, there is a way to type it. The answer is of course different for Pinyin input methods and macros, Word/OpenOffice/other apps in Windows or Linux, or in html...but it's pretty easy to remember.


Chinese Pinyin input or macro:

When using a Pinyin input method (or my Pinyin macros for Word and Excel) in Windows, Mac, Linux, or almost any other operating system, if you don't have u-with-diaeresis on your keyboard, then type the letter "v" like this:

Type a "v" for u-with-an-umlaut


Windows keyboard:

On the Windows US keyboard hold down the <Alt> key and at the same time on the number pad type the following:

For lowercase "ü" hold down <Alt> and type 129 on the number pad.
If 129 does not work, try <Alt> and 0252 on the number pad instead.

For uppercase "Ü" hold down <Alt> and type 154 on the number pad.
If 154 does not work, try <Alt> and 0220 on the number pad instead.

Also you can hunt down this and other special characters in Windows by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map.


Linux keyboards (Ubuntu example):

In Ubuntu Linux (or I suppose any type of Linux), first use Keyboard preferences to designate a Compose key, for example one of the <Ctrl> keys.

Then you can type:

For lowercase "ü" press <Ctrl> " u   (Control - double quote -u)
For uppercase "Ü" press <Ctrl> " U


Mac OS:

Hold down the <Option> key and press "u". Then release <Option> and type "u" or "U". (This also works to put those two dots above other vowels as well.)


Chrome OS:

On the "US extended" keyboard you'll find lowercase "ü" on the "y" key, and you can get the uppercase "Ü" by typing an uppercase "Y". See the online Chrome help for info on setting up the extended keyboard.

On the standard keyboard, you can also enter them in Unicode hex:

For lowercase "ü" press <Ctrl> <Shift> u, then type "fc" (without quotes) and <space bar>
For uppercase "Ü" press <Ctrl> <Shift> u, then type "dc" (without quotes) and <space bar>



The html is &uuml; for "ü", and &Uuml; for "Ü".


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