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Sad MacI'm often asked why I don't offer more Chinese Mac support here, especially since I once worked for Apple in China, I have everyone else in my family on Macs, and I've been involved with IMUG open new site in this window (the International Multilingual User Group formerly known as Macintosh) since forever and a day.

The easy, more-stylish-and-black-turtleneck-than-thou answer would be that "Macs don't need as much support". Well, maybe. But actually it's because there has been excellent English-language help out there for many years:

Also, Apple offers these community support and official support websites:

Want to create Pinyin with tone marks? Your options include:

OK? I do try to help with Mac topics if I can. Please take a look at those other resources, and then contact me if you still need help.


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