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Chinese Pinyin Setup in
Windows 7 and Windows Vista

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These instructions also work for Windows 8 Desktop Language Bar


4. English User Guides for the Microsoft Pinyin Input Method Editors

Yes, there are English language user guides for the Microsoft Pinyin IMEs: they're called the Help files!


The "Chinese (Simplified, PRC)" Microsoft Pinyin IME (MSPY) offers access to help files from its own Option menu and also the Language bar help menu:

Windows 7 MSPY Help from Option menu Windows 7 MSPY Help from Language bar menu


The "Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)" Microsoft New Phonetic IME does not offer this in its Tool menu, only in the Language bar help menu. That Help icon only displays in the taskbar if you leave this option selected in Properties, so if you don't see it just maximize (float) the Language Bar and you'll see it there:


If the Language bar Help icon is not on the Windows taskbar and if you want it there so you don't have to float the Language bar, see my instructions for adjusting the Language bar.

Of course, not all questions will be answered in those help files, and anyway most people don't RTFM ("read their fancy manual", what did you think that stood for? ;-) so I've also prepared an ever-growing Frequently Asked Questions section, including:

How do I enter the letter "ü" (the letter "u" with an umlaut, two dots above the letter)?  

How do I get the "candidate list" to appear in the PRC (Simplified) Pinyin IME, and how do I adjust its appearance?

How do I get the "candidate list" to appear in the Taiwan (Traditional) Pinyin IME?

How do I adjust the size of the characters in the Taiwan (Traditional) candidate list? They are really tiny!

The Chinese characters in one of my programs and on some web pages are showing up as "???", boxes and other garbage characters. Do I need a Language Pack? Help!!!

I do encourage you to read the official Help files, there's a lot of good stuff in there. Yes, they're not perfect. But it is a nice surprise and more information than you may have had to begin with. Then - although at that point you may know far more than I - if you still need help, feel free to write me anytime via the Contact link below.

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